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Dec 17, 2019

"We are given one life, one body, one opportunity to make the most of the gift that God has given us." - Tami Lindsey

In this episode of tragedy, death, and victory, Jason interviews personal trainer, Christian, and Fairhope Mom Tami Lindsey. Tami's life journey is full of chaos, violence, sickness, faith, and service to others. Her infectious hope born from a lifetime of heartbreaking experiences fuel her life, business, and everyone around her. Tami's incredible story reveals the power of unwavering Christian belief, the necessity of hope, and the immense strength of one of the most unbreakable people you will ever meet.

Tami Lindsey 
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Key Takeaways

You should NOT let your circumstances define you.

God has for your purpose in life and continuously ask him how he can use the things you've gone through to help other people.

No matter how bad it gets, you have to believe that God knows the big picture.

You need to have other people when you do fall down. You have to have people who are there to walk beside you and lift you help lift you back up, and you help them as well.

Don't dwell on your yesterday, or an hour ago.

It's never too late to fix a tragedy or a mistake.


Notable and Quotable

Everybody needs to listen to this podcast whenever they're having a bad day. - Jason Will

In life and business, I want to help people. I want to make a difference in every aspect of my life and my business. - Tami Lindsey

Every day I get up and start over. As I wake up it's the first thing I do. Then I pray. - Tami Lindsey

Every day you're hitting the reset button, like no matter what happens today or tomorrow, don't dwell on the mistakes you've made. - Jason Will

I can't focus on the tragedies when there are so many blessings. I just have to be thankful. - Tami Lindsey

God molds and shapes you into who he wants you to be and for him to be able to use you through hardships and trials. - Tami Lindsey

Senior citizens are not what they used to be. - Tami Lindsey

With my business, it's so incredible to be able to help people change their lives. - Tami Lindsey

A huge part of being successful with personal training is building personal relationships. Because you want people to keep coming back and doing something, they necessarily don't want to do. - Tami Lindsey



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