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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Jan 14, 2021

On this powerful episode, Jason talks with faith-walker and 30 days in real estate realtor Zaressa Richardson. Zaressa shares her life path and healing journey from sexual assault, depression, shame, disappointment, attempted suicide to finding purpose, intent, and boldness on the other side. Zaressa says her saving grace was finding her church home and her growing relationship with Jesus Christ based on faith and trust and not just religious instruction and tradition. Plus, through daily affirmations, positive thinking, and building a life and career for serving others, Zaressa has transformed all the dark aspects of her past to prepare her for handling the present and using them as building blocks for her Kingdom-minded business future.


Key Takeaways

- The path to healing usually starts at your lowest points.

- Daily affirmations, positive thinking, and a strong faith are the elements of a faith-walker.

- Through serving others, success becomes a byproduct.

- You don't have to be alone. Find your support and strength and trust that you can share your pain and troubles with them.

Zaressa Richardson



Quotable Quotes

Whether they buy, whether they sell, they are now a part of my network.

This is a divine connection that I have made with this person. My purpose is how can I inspire them in this moment? - Zaressa Richardson

Walk boldly in the person that you were called to be. - Zaressa Richardson

We're not here to be mediocre. - Jason Will

Real estate is a profession where there is no safety net. But, there's also no ceiling of achievement either. - Jason Will