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The show was previously called The Agent 251 Podcast.



Jan 25, 2018

Agent 251 | JWRE | Kendall Wahlert | Ep11 | Selling A Home | Podcast

This is the second installment of our conversation with Kendall Wahlert, the straight-shooting Listings Specialist, and CEO of the JWRE Team. Agent 251, Diana Will & Kendall talk directly to property home sellers and what they need to know, do and understand before they list their home. The Real Estate Business has changed so much over last decade; it's now as much as a problem-solving business as it is a selling business. 20% of the homes on the market sell fast, and 80% seems to sit on the market. Why do these properties sit and not sell? What can you do to make sure that your house for sale is in that sellable 20%? Kendall lets you in on her listing secrets, relationship, insights on communicating with, and what to look for in your professional homes sales expert.

Listen to the Part 1 interview with Kendall Wahlert

Key Takeaway:

What sellers need to address when selling their home:

> Realistic pricing strategies
> Your home is not a bank
> Communication with the agent
> How to be the best salesperson for your property
> Condition of the home and property
> Staging the home
> Declutter & de-personalize living spaces
> Always keep a clean home

Quotable Quotes:

Real Estate is a 20/80% world. 20% sells, and 80% sits. - Jason Will

If a property owner is on board with the listing agent about the staging, professional pictures, and a reduction plan they have a much better chance of selling. - Kendall Wahlert

Something that plagues our industry is that some of the property owners think that they know more than their professional sales agent. - Kendall Wahlert

You should not use your home as a bank, and the seller does not set the market. The buyers set the market. - Jason Will

Sellers need honest feedback on the problems and issues with their property. - Kendall Wahlert

The reason sellers fire an agent is because expectations were not met. Are you asking what your seller what their expectations are? - Kendall Wahlert

I'm going to tell you what you can sell your home for based on data. My goal is to get your house sold, not just list it and have it sit on the market. That is not what you are hiring me for. - Kendall Wahlert

Your client wants to know what the plan is to sell the home, stay in communication with them, and do what you said you were going to do. - Jason Will

Timid sales people have skinny kids. - Jason Will (Zig Zigler)

Sellers hire you because you are the expert and you should be guiding them on pricing, not just be a "YES" person. - Kendall Wahlert

Sellers need to hire an expert. Not their sister or friend, unless they are a real estate expert. - Diana Will

Every sell is different. If someone hires a part-time agent, their mind is not in constant problem-solving mode. - Jason Will

The market value is what a buyer is willing to pay. We can interpret a price, but we cannot promise one. - Jason Will

Home pricing needs to be a discovery process. - Jason Will

We want our sellers able to sleep well at night that JWRE got them the highest price possible. - Jason Will

My rule of thumb: if we have ten showings and no offers or 30 days a very few showings then it's time to reduce the price. - - Kendall Wahlert

The right price can overcome condition and location of a property. - Diana Will

Leverage is life and how are you leveraging your people and new technology? - Jason Will

Matterport is the first 3D virtual home tour that is really a virtual tour. It's a good tool that we have implemented. - Jason Will

Regarding product knowledgeSellers are the most qualified sales people for their home. It's JWRE's job to capture that information. - Jason Will

Sellers stop looking at your house as your home; it's a commodity that you need to sell. - Jason Will

Start detaching from the emotional connection to your home. It's a business decision now, and it's not going to be your home anymore. Focus on the numbers. - Kendall Wahlert

Get ahead of repairs and renovation. Whatever allowance you give a potential buyer the cost will be triple whatever you could have paid to do it earlier. - Diana Will

Move-in ready homes have a much better chance of selling than the ones that need work. Those can sit for more months because buyers just don't want the hassle. - Kendall Wahlert

My job is to sell your home quick. And the quicker I sell it, the more money you make. - Kendall Wahlert


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